Monday, December 30, 2013

Take the "14-Minute Prayer Challenge" with Lima Life Teen

As we begin our New Year making resolutions about different areas in our life, let's really try to make our faith our number one priority.

I strongly believe that if we can make a commitment to pray just 14 minutes a day our life can truly be changed.  So, Lima Life Teen, Total Youth Ministry is inviting you to take the "Prayer Challenge" with us.  We are asking everyone to just take 14 minutes out of your day to pray.  Your prayers don't have to be perfect, just spend 14 minutes talking to God.  We will have many prayers, bible studies and inspirational music on our website at or our Lima Life Teen app for Droid or iphones.

          So everyone please join us in making this New Year a powerful year of prayer.  Watch for updates and new information.  We will have lots of different ways for every person in our Parish to participate! 

          To start you off we would like to leave you with one of the prayers that Lima Life Teen is committed to pray each day of 2014:

          I pray to you, God the Holy Spirit, and I give all of myself to you.  I worship you for you are pure, just and powerful as love.  You are my strength. You are my guide.  I ask for you to surround me and change me.  Change my mind to think like Jesus.  Change my body to act like Jesus.  Change my heart to love like Jesus.  Give me the ears to hear your voice guiding me, and when I hear your voice, may I obey.  Make me holy and joyful.  Give me the courage I need to live as a missionary.  May people come to know Jesus because I am in their lives.  Amen

 Happy New Year and God's blessings,

Angie Soules